Morning Assemably:

Morning assembly of the school is conducted to provide a provide a platform to bring finesse in oratory skills as well as an exposure to high moral value with the help of shabad gyan, english prayer, pledge, couplet, thought of the day, news, talk about important days /fastivals and many more activities. Reciting pomes with full actions, moral teachings are the remarkable of the morning assembly

Parent Teaher Meeting:

  1. Meeting of parents with teachers are arranged by the principal on every 4th saturday of the month in order, to ensure coordination in the process of the children`s education. Parents are requested to make good use of this opportunity for building up mutual understanding between the parents and teachers with regard to the all round progress of their wards.
  2. The parents are requested to bring their ward along with then in proper school uniform when they attend the p.t.m.

Parents are expected to pay attention to instruction sent the instructions sent thought the diary, sms or special circular and come to school whenever required.

School Library:

  1. Books will be issued and returned as per rules framed by the school.
  2. Books will be issued for 14 days and only one books will be issued at a time.
  3. A fine of rupee one per book will be charged per day on account of late return of books.
  4. The student should out any damage to the books before getting them issued in his/her name otherwise /she will be responsible for the damage.
  5. Tearing writing, scribing and folding the corners of the page of books will be considered as damage done to the books.
  6. The students will be asked to pay the cost of the cost of the books or replace them for loss or damaged books.
  7. All the library books issued to the students must be returned before the commencement of annual examination.

Weekly Test:

To check the continuous progress of students of every subject, weekly tests are conducted according to the schedule must students.

House System:

To induce leadership and team spirit, co curricular activities are introduced on house basis. The houses have been named after significant rivers ravi, beas, jhelum and satluj.

Teno App:

The school has started informing parents about the child`s progress holidays, home work and other important details thought teno app.

Physical Education:

Physical education is imparted to the students by p.t/ drill, yoga and providing facilities of outdoor and indoor games to encourage healthy sportsman character, building sound body and healthy compertitive spirit among the students.

Computer Education:

Computer education is an integral part of the school curriculum. Computer lab is well equipped where students learn about computer though practical knowledge.

Co Scholastic Activities

We celebrate all festivals and important days through recreational actives. Art and crafts give a lot of creative opportunities to the students. School organizes sports day, teacher`s day republic day, republic day Independence Day and children day apart from many other functions.

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